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Individual & Corporate Income Tax

Alabama Corporate Electronic Filing Program


What is the Alabama Business MeF Program?

The Alabama Department of Revenue is participating in the Fed/State e–file project for the electronic filing of corporate and partnership income returns. This project is a joint effort of the IRS, numerous states, software vendors and other private businesses who have joined together under the umbrella of the Federation of Tax Administrators (FTA). Returns for the IRS and participating states can be transmitted to a single point (the IRS). The IRS will forward the Alabama returns to Alabama for processing. Alabama will return acknowledgements back to the IRS, where they can be picked up by transmitters.

The Alabama program includes the following forms:

Corporate Income Tax:

  • Form 20C – Alabama Corporation Income Tax Return
  • Form 20CC – Alabama Consolidated Corporate Income Tax Return

Business Privilege Tax:

  • Form CPT – Alabama Business Privilege Tax Return and Annual Report (For C–Corporations)
  • Form PPT – Alabama Business Privilege Tax Return and Annual Report (For Pass–Thru Entities)

Pass Through Entity:

  • Form 20S– Alabama S Corporation Information/Tax Return
  • Form 65– Partnership/Limited Liability Company Return of Income
  • Form PTEC – Subchapter K Entities/S Corporations Nonresident Composite Payment Return


  • Form 41 – Fiduciary Income Tax Return

Approved Vendors

Documents – Please visit the Software Developers page for information on how to obtain Business MeF (20C, 20CC, 20S, 65, 41, PTEC, CPT and PPT) schemas, business rules, handbooks and tests for software vendors.

MeF Status

Tips and Other Information

  • ELECTRONIC PAYMENTS REQUIREMENT – Corporations/Partnerships electing to electronically file must also pay the tax liability due with the return electronically through Direct Debit, EFT – Electronic Funds Transfer (2 methods EFT Debit, EFT Credit) or Credit Card. No paper checks will be accepted for electronically filed returns. Penalties and interest will be assessed as applicable.

To learn more about the Alabama Corporate/Partnership and Business Privilege Electronic Filing Program, please select Corporate E–Filing under CONTACT US


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