Today is Saturday, October 22, 2016
Important Notices!


The following forms are available as both fill-in and printable forms. If you wish to use your computer to fill in the forms you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer. If you do not have this software you can download a free version from Adobe . If you need to download this software click on the link below. When using these forms disregard the notes at the bottom of the forms referencing to the various colors. However the Department requires the submission of two copies of each form. All Forms are designed for letter size paper except the Application for Inspection, which rewuires legal size (14") paper. Also if you have problems with the size of any of the text or check fields you can use the zoom feature to increase the size.
Adobe Acrobat Reader


  • INV 26-1 Application for Alabama Assigned Vehicle Identification Number For a Homemade Trailer
  • INV 26-3 Application for Alabama Assigned Vehicle Identification Number For an Assembled Vehicle or Plate Only
  • MVT 5-13 Power of Attorney
  • INV 26-15 Application for Rebuilt Inspection
  • INV 31-1 Remittance Advice For Rebuilt Inspection Applications
  • ACT 539 Online Motor Vehicle Dealer License Application
  • REB Licensed Rebuilder - Rebuilt Application Package
  • OWN Owner Retention - Rebuilt Application Package
  • REG Regulatory License Booklet