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Disabled Veteran

Disabled Veteran


Code Section: 40-12-244, 40-12-254, 32-6-130, and 32-6-231.1
Primary Tag Type(s): DV
Secondary Tag Type(s): 01 (Disability Access)
Series Began: January 2003


Who may purchase license plates in this category?  A resident of Alabama who is a service-connected disabled veteran.


Is there any documentation required to be presented by the registrant prior to purchasing this plate? Yes. The veteran must provide a proper identification card and a US Department of Veterans Affairs disability rating certification.


The "Application for Disability Access Parking Privileges" must be provided to obtain the disability access license plate.


What registration fees are associated with the purchase of this license plate?


10% or higher disability First plate exempt from registration fees (Section 40-12-244)
Over 50% disability or vehicle has special mechanical control devices $5.00 annual fee (Section 32-6-130)
Vehicle all or partly paid for by US Department of Veterans Affairs First plate exempt from registration fees and ad valorem tax (Section 40-12-254)


May the plates be personalized?  No


Additional fees: N/A


How often are the additional fees paid?  N/A


Are plates in this category transferable?  If so, to whom?  The plates are not transferable between vehicle owners.


What type of vehicles may this plate be displayed upon?  Private passenger automobiles, pickup trucks, and pleasure motor vehicles (i.e., recreational vehicles) not exceeding 12,000 pounds gross vehicle weight. Veterans qualifying for the $5 plate may display the plate on all weight pleasure motor vehicles.


How are the net proceeds from the purchase of this plate distributed? N/A


How often does the license plate design change? Every five (5) years.

May the surviving spouse obtain the plate? No

May the surviving spouse retain the plate? No

How many plates may the registrant obtain?  If the veteran qualifies under Sections 40-12-244 or 40-12-254, they are limited to one (1) license plate.  If the veteran qualifies under Section 32-6-130, there is no limit on the number of plates issued.