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Form Number Form Description Revision Date
MV DPPA1 Request for Motor Vehicle Records (for a current title record, click here) 12/11
MVT 5-6 Affidavit for Assignment of Title for a Vehicle From A Deceased Owner Whose Estate Does Not Require Probate 1/12
MVT 5-7 Affidavit of Correction to a Document to Support an Application for a Certificate of Title 12/12
MVT 5-9 Supporting Document to a Mail Order Application For Certificate of Title 1/12
MVT 5-13 Power of Attorney 1/13
MVT 5-27 Returned Title Request Form 1/12
MVT 5-63 Application for Lien Release 2/13
MVT 5-64 Notice of Continuous Security Interest or Lien Perfection 2/13
MVT 10-1A Surety Bond Request Form 7/14
MVT 12-1

Application for Replacement Title

MVT 15-1 Repossessed Motor Vehicle Affidavit and Disposition of Vehicle Under Lien 1/12
MVT 20-1 Application for Certificate of Title to Record or Transfer a Lien 1/12
MVT 32-13 Abandoned Motor Vehicle Record Request 8/13
MVT 32-13B Abandoned Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale 9/14
MVT 40-1E Application For Stolen-Unrecovered Vehicles 1/12
MVT 41-1 Application For Salvage Certificate of Title 1/12
MVT 41-5 Affidavit of Acquisition and Disposition of a Non-Total Loss Vehicle by Insurance Company 9/08

Form Number Form Description Revision Date
MV DPPA1 Request for Motor Vehicle Records (for a current registration record, click here) 12/11
MV 40-12-250 Application for Government License Plates 12/13
MV 40-12-250A Application for Replacement Government License Plates and Registration Receipts 1/13
MV 40-12-250D

Application for Volunteer Fire Department License Plates

MV 40-12-265-1 Application for Replacement Credentials 4/14

Motor Vehicle Affidavit


Dealer Temporary Tag Application

MVR 32-6-230 Application for Disability Access Parking Privileges 12/11
MVR 40-12-23 Petition for Refund of Registration Fees 9/14
MVR 40-12-290 Application for Vintage Vehicle License Plate 5/09
New/Reissue Distinctive Application for New/Reissue Distinctive License Plate Category 1/14
Guidelines for Designing Alabama License Plates
Retired Paid and Part-Paid Firefighter Tag Certificate
Paid and Volunteer Firefighter Tag Certificates
Firefighter Tag Certificate for Widow/Widower Killed in the Line of Duty

Form Number Form Description Revision Date
MCS Manual Motor Carrier Services Manual 2/14
MV IFTA-1 IFTA Application for License 9/09
MV IFTA-5 Request for Additional IFTA Decals 9/11
MV IRP44/IFTA-20 Individual Vehicle Distance and Fuel Record 5/13
MV IRP-A International Registration Plan Vehicle Schedule 9/14
MV IRP-B International Registration Plan Mileage Schedule 12/14
MV IRP-C International Registration Plan Supplemental Application 9/14
MV IRP-G New Account Application 12/07
APVD Chart Average Per Vehicle Distance Chart 1/15
Form 2290 Heavy Highway Vehicle Use Tax Return 7/15
IRP / IFTA Record Keeping Requirements - Effective 10-13-2015
Motor Carrier Services

Form Number Form Description Revision Date
MV-MLI-001 Application for Cash Bond Certificate 9/11
MV-MLI-003 Cash Bond Withdrawal Request 8/10
MV-MLI-004 Motor Vehicle Liability Bond 8/10
MV-MLI-008 Petition for Refund of Mandatory Liability Insurance (MLI) Reinstatement Fees 9/10
MLI Brochure

Mandatory Liability Insurance Brochure

MLI Notice of Suspension Postcard Sample Notice of Suspension Postcard 5/29/2014
MLI Questionnaire Postcard Sample Questionnaire Postcard 5/29/2014
MLI Questionnaire/Notice of Suspension Instructions and Appeal Rights
Mandatory Liability Insurance (MLI)