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Предлагает ли Департамент печать титулов в тот же день?

В настоящее время Департамент не предлагает печать титулов в тот же день.

В настоящее время Департамент не предлагает печать титулов в тот же день.
Связанные вопросы и ответы в разделе Общие вопросы - Названия, титулы

No, if the current title is an Alabama ELT there is no cost to print a physical title.

However, once an ELT is printed on physical title paper it can not be printed again. A replacement title application must be applied for if a replacement is needed.

Yes, Alabama does issue ELTs. If a designated agent (non-licensing official) is set-up for ELT, then any titles issued recording their lien will be issued as an ELT.

ALDOR’s titling system, ALVIN, features a VIN decoder that populates this information.

However, there will be occasion where it will not be pre-populated. Sometimes it will populate the information after a vehicle trim is selected.

It is recommended to look up the vehicle year, make, model, and specifications in a Google-type search to see if you are able to find the unladen weight or GVWR.

Another alternative is the NHTSA VIN decoder (https://vpic.nhtsa.dot.gov/decoder/). It will sometimes provide this information for vehicles.

If all else fails and you still can’t determine the unladen weight, then you can enter the same amount as was entered or pre-populated for the GVWR.

В настоящее время Департамент не предлагает печать титулов в тот же день.

Please visit https://mydmv.revenue.alabama.gov/TAP/?link=AppStatus to track the status of your title application.

You may also contact the designated agent who submitted your application to the department for processing to inquire about your title application status.

Designated agents are set up for document upload and are required to upload their own completed title applications and supporting documents to the department’s title system for processing within 10 calendar days of creating the title application.