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ADOR, Sales, Use & Business Tax Division, Local Tax Rate Text File

Local Sales Tax Rates

   (sales, use, lodgings & rental tax)

Local Cities and Counties Tax Rates Text File

The taxrates.txt file is a comma-delimited text file (i.e. fields separated by commas), that contains local tax rate information for all Alabama cities and counties that levy a sales, use, lodgings or rental tax. (Includes both state-administered local taxes, as well as nonstate-administered local taxes.) This text file should be compatible with practically any spreadsheet or database application. This file will be updated on a monthly basis by the Sales & Use Tax Division. The help.txt file is a Help file intended to be used with the downloadable taxrates.txt file.

  • taxrates.txt  

  • help.txt   (Help File provides instructions and descriptions of the data included in the taxrates.txt file.)

To download the taxrates.txt file:

  • Simply click on the above taxrates.txt file to open it in your browser window,
  • Click File > Save As,
  • Save the file to your hard drive; OR,
  • Right-click on the taxrates.txt file and select "Save Target As"

Comma-delimited text files are also available for Local Tobacco Tax Rates and Local Gasoline Tax Rates: