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Layouts: Wizard or Quick Entry Settings

There are two different application layouts. In the Wizard style, you will be guided step by step through the application process. In the single page style, application information will be entered on a single page entry. You can select your preference under My Settings.

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Logging Into ALTS

To access the ALTS system, go to the MVTRIP site at https://mvtrip.alabama.gov. Enter your username and password combination and click the ALTS icon. Please note: ALTS is not compatible with Internet Explorer. If you are having difficulty using with Internet Explorer, consider changing to another web browser, such as Google

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Submit Existing Applications

You can click Submit Existing Applications on the homepage to submit pending applications. You can select the applications ready to be submitted (or select Application Number at the top to select all applications) and click Submit Selected Applications. Reports can be exported as a Microsoft Excel (CSV) spreadsheet or a

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Common Actions

You can click “Actions” on the homepage to update designated agent information (including banking information, email address, etc.), request a hold, track the status of a pending application, etc.

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After logging in to MVTRIP and selecting the ALTS icon, you will be presented with the ALTS homepage. This screen contains News and Alerts which contains important updates and alerts, pending applications and application search options. Common Actions are listed at the bottom of the homepage which includes starting a

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Interactive Reports

You can click Interactive Reports on the homepage to view and create detailed reports about your applications, activity, etc. Reports can be exported as a Microsoft Excel (CSV) spreadsheet or a PDF.

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