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FAQ Categories / Tax: Financial Institution Excise Tax Filers

Financial Institution Excise Tax filers needing assistance with the credit claim process and/or Financial Institution Excise Tax filers who have questions about available tax credits should call the Corporate Income Tax Section at (334) 242-1200.

  1. Log into MAT using your User ID and Password.
  2. Under the “Financial Institution Excise Tax” Account Type, click on "Submit a credit claim".
  3. Enter the information requested for the credit claim: Credit Type, Filing Period, Credit Amount, and upload attachments (include documentation to verify the authorization of the credit). Select “Next.”
  4. Review the information entered in Step 4, select “Previous” to edit the information or select “Submit” to send the credit claim through for review.

These credits will be subject to an approval process when the tax return is filed claiming the credit.  The following are credits that do not require pre-certification through MAT:

Sales Tax Credit

New Markets Credit

Investment Credit (Alabama Jobs Act)*

*Investment Credit (Alabama Jobs Act) – The approval of this credit is managed through the Department of Commerce.  Once the Department of Commerce has approved the annual certification, the Alabama Department of Revenue will notify the investing company to complete an allocation schedule through MAT.  See Investment Credit.

For additional information on any of these tax credits, please visit the Department of Revenue’s website at: Income Tax Incentives.

All credits that require pre-certification must be submitted using your MAT Financial Institution Excise Tax Account.  The credits that require pre-certification are:

Full Employment Act of 2011

Veterans Employment Act – Employer Credit

2013 Alabama Historic Rehabilitation Credit

Apprenticeship Tax Credit

Income Tax Capital Credit*

*Income Tax Capital Credit – Project Entities submit the Annual Report (Form AR-C) through MAT under the tax period in which it will be utilized.  For Financial Institutions, the Annual Report and KRCC are now combined. See Income Tax Capital Credit.