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FAQ Categories / Tax: Proposing a new license plate category

You will receive a Pre-commitment Redemption Voucher by email notifying you when the plate will be available.

Both documents are available for reprint and can be requested by either contacting the MVD , or your license plate issuing official who has access to both documents and can reprint them as needed.

The money held in escrow is distributed to the sponsoring organization along with a list of all registrants who submitted pre-commitments for the plate design. Please contact the sponsoring organization for further information including possibility of refunds.

The sponsoring organization should be contacted regarding any request for a refund. This information is available from: https://mydmv.revenue.alabama.gov/TAP/?link=PrecomPlt .

Sponsoring organizations:

For information related to the application process and package, navigate to the Distinctive Plates section on Motor Vehicle's webpage.


For information related to the commitment to purchase a distinctive license plate category, visit the Commitment to Purchase License Plate Portal.