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FAQ Categories / Tax: Revocation and Suspensions

An MLI verification notice is mailed to the address on the vehicle registration and/or emailed (if email address is available) to registrants asking for proof of insurance coverage for the vehicle on the verification date. If no response is received after 30 days from the MLI verification notice, the license plate has not been surrendered within 30 days or insurance cannot be verified by the DOR, a NOS is mailed to the registrant notifying them that their registration has been suspended.

Yes. If the vehicle was in exempt (stored, inoperable, or other unused) status, you should visit your local licensing official to surrender the license plate within 30 calendar days of the MLI verification notice.

Failure to do so will result in suspension of your vehicle registration.

Failure to surrender the license plate or completion of the “Request for Registration Revocation” form (MV32-7A-5) within 30 days of the MLI verification notice will result in a registration suspension.

However, if you were unable to surrender the plate within 30 days due to any of the reasons listed on MV Form 32-7A-11, you may qualify for a “good cause” extension. The form should be completed (along with necessary documentation) and submitted to your local licensing official within 30 calendar days from the date that the “good cause” event ended.

If the plate and/or a completed form MV32-7A-5 were not submitted to the local licensing official within 30 days of the MLI verification notice, and if you do not qualify for any of the good cause reasons listed on MV32-7A-11, reinstatement fees ($200 for first suspension; $400 for second and subsequent suspension) and evidence of current Alabama liability insurance coverage must be provided to their local licensing official to remove the registration suspension.