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Local Sellers Use Tax
Sellers Use Tax
What is ONE SPOT?
Who can the local government contact for assistance and information related to ONE SPOT processing?
Will a local government be provided a return when no payment has been authorized by the taxpayer?
Can tax return data be provided directly to a local government’s third party administrator?
What will the local government need to download return data files?
How will ALDOR process non-administered tax payments sent to ALDOR in error?
When will payment data for payments required to be processed through ALDOR (unrelated to ONE SPOT) be available to the non-administered locality?
What happens if the local government’s bank account is closed prior to the processing of the rejected or dishonored payment?
How are rejected or dishonored payments handled?
Can payments be directed to the local government’s third party administrator?
What will the local government need to download payment data files?
What does local government or tax administrator need to do if they don’t receive an ACH Credit payment?
Can a local government refuse to accept ACH Credit payments?
How will local sales, use, and rental tax payments be transferred to the local government?
Do state-administered localities have to complete any forms or submit any information for set up in ONE SPOT?
What will happen if the local government does not provide the necessary information to be set up or update ONE SPOT in a timely manner?
What is needed to notify ALDOR of changes in taxes and/or administration?
How quickly will the website be updated for changes in taxes and or administration?
Can a Third Party Tax Administrator complete and submit the information required for setup in ONE SPOT?
When was ONE SPOT available for taxpayer’s to begin to use?