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  • Can I bring my dealer license application to the MVD office and get the license the same day?

Can I bring my dealer license application to the MVD office and get the license the same day?

No, all documents should be uploaded in the MV license system.

No, all documents should be uploaded to MyDMV.

Related FAQs in Dealer License, General
You can only obtain the bond and insurance form by applying for a dealer license.
All new and used motor vehicle dealers, including motorcycle and trailer dealers (excluding trailers not subject to titling), wholesale dealers, and rebuilders. (Section 40-12-391, Code of Alabama 1975)

To print or reprint your license, login to MyDMV and then from the Business Management tab, click the View Letters hyperlink. Your Dealer License should be listed and to print or reprint, select the print button.

The primary location is included in the license fee. There is a $5.00 charge per additional location. (Section 40-12-395, Code of Alabama 1975)
A $5 fee is only required when additional locations are added to the license.
The licensed dealer must apply for an off-site sales event license at least 10 calendar day prior to conducting the off-site sale. The application fee is $25. The off-site sale events shall not exceed 3 per dealer license year with each sale not to exceed 10 consecutive calendar days in duration. A temporary sign must be displayed at the location where the off-site sale is conducted. A facilitator of an off-site sale will be required to obtain a master off-site sales license. The facilitator will be required to verify the off-site license of participating dealers. The facilitator must list each participating dealer’s off-site sale license number on the application. If the dealer and facilitator are the same entity, only the master off-site sales event license is required. (Section 40-12-395, Code of Alabama 1975)