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Can my license be revoked?

Yes, the Department may cancel any license upon written notice sent to the licensee’s last known address, for any of the following reasons:

  • Filing by the licensee of a false report of the data or information required by this act.
  • Failure, refusal, or neglect of the licensee to file a report or to provide any information required by this act.
  • Failure of the licensee to pay the full amount of all excise taxes due or to pay any penalties or interest due.
  • Failure of the licensee to keep accurate records of the quantities of motor fuel received, produced, refined, manufactured, compounded, sold, or used in Alabama.
  • Failure to file a new or additional cash deposit or surety bond upon request of the department pursuant to Code Section 40-17-335.
  • Conviction of the licensee or a principal of the licensee for any act prohibited under this act.
  • Failure, refusal, or neglect of a licensee to comply with any other provision of this act or any rule promulgated pursuant to this act.
  • Having a motor fuel license or registration issued by another state canceled for cause.
  • For any change in the ownership or control of the business.
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Once the lien has arisen, it will continue until the liability for the amount assessed is satisfied, released or becomes unenforceable by reason of lapse of time (i.e. 10 years from the date the lien is filed) (Code Sections 40-1-2, 40-29-20, and 49-29-21).

No. However, the cigarette tax stamp ordering system is not tied to consignment balances. Therefore, state consignment customers must be aware of their available consignment balance and place orders within their bond limit. Failure to do so will result in the stamp order being modified to accommodate the available balance.

The person or persons authorized by you to access MAT/submit your stamp order will receive a confirmation when they click on the “submit” button that the stamp order has been submitted to the Tobacco Tax Section. Once the order has been fulfilled, the invoice associated with the order will be available in MAT for viewing and payment, if applicable.

No, the system uses the system date that the order was created. Therefore, orders dated for the future are unavailable. If multiple orders are submitted on the same day before the 1 p.m. cut off, they will be processed for shipment that day; the related invoices would all have the same invoice and due dates.

We use FedEx shipping. There is an area on your order form where you can choose whether you want pickup, overnight or 2-day delivery. Please use this feature to let our staff know the preferred shipping method. If the FedEx account number is incorrect please make the necessary changes.

Once a “new line item” – your stamp type and quantity – has been saved to an order it can be edited by entering the correct count. You can also choose a new type from the drop down if you select the incorrect one.