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What is the fee to transfer a license plate?

The state transfer fee is $1.25. Additionally, a number of Alabama counties have imposed local issuance fees.

The state transfer fee is $1.25. Additionally, a number of Alabama counties have imposed local issuance fees.
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Yes. Section 40-12-260, Code of Alabama 1975, provides that the vehicle owner shall retain the Motor Vehicle Registration Tag and Tax Receipt within the vehicle for possible presentation to law enforcement. The fine for failure to provide evidence of current registration to a law enforcement officer is a minimum of $50. If someone trades a vehicle, he/she is required to retain within the vehicle a copy of the title application, bill of sale, or a temporary tag prior to transferring the registration.
A person with disabilities may obtain an application form from the license plate issuing official or download the form from the Motor Vehicle Division web page. The application form should be completed by a licensed physician wherein the physician certifies that the individual meets one or more of the federal criteria listed on the form to obtain disability access parking credentials. In order to obtain the disability access license plates, the vehicle (or vehicles) must be fully or partially owned by the person with the disability. It should be noted that to qualify for disability access parking credentials, the disability must be a mobility disability (the applicant must have problems walking). There is no limit on the number of license plates that may be obtained. Anyone obtaining the disability access license plate may obtain only one (1) placard; anyone who does not obtain the license plate may qualify for two (2) placards. Temporary placards are available upon certification by the physician, using the application form, that the disability meets the federal criteria and is temporary. The maximum length of time for a temporary parking placard under federal law is six (6) months.

ALDOR maintains fiscal year statistics on the number of license plates issued.

Visit Registrations Statistics to view these statistics.

Registrants may voluntarily surrender license plates prior to cancelling the Alabama insurance policy to avoid any future MLI issues should they return to AL and require registration on the vehicle in the future.

A penalty of $15 plus interest is assessed for anyone who:

  • is delinquent in registering newly acquired vehicles,
  • fails to timely transfer a valid license plate to a newly acquired vehicle,
  • fails to renew in their designated renewal month,
  • moves to Alabama and fails to register their vehicle in Alabama within 30 days from the date they enter the state.
Instructions and documents needed for titling an imported motor vehicle are detailed in Administrative Rule 810-5-75-.03. The cost of an Alabama title is $15, plus a $3 fee due to the licensing official. Once the Alabama title has been issued (if required), you will be able to register the vehicle. The cost of a standard passenger license plate is $23, plus $1.25 issuance fee. Local fees, ad valorem tax, and sales tax may be added to this amount by the licensing official’s office.