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Why is the system not giving me the option to make my payment?

There are a several reasons why you may not be given the option to pay. If you are trying to pay Business Privilege Tax (Form CPT or PPT) or Corporate Income Tax (Form 20C or 20S) and If you have not previously filed a return with the Department, you will not be given the option to pay these taxes and will not be able to use the system as your method of payment. Also, verify that the access code and sign-on id being used is designated for the particular tax attempting to be paid. If you are still unable to make a payment, and none of the above applies, please contact the Alabama Department of Revenue at 1-877-256-2447 or (334) 353-7659.

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In most cases this change must be initiated through the EFT Unit.  Please contact a representative for additional information at 1-877-256-2447 or 334-353-7659.

Please contact the Alabama Department of Revenue at 1-800-322-4106.

Yes, but payments must be cancelled the same day by 4:00 p.m. Central Time, while the status of that request shows as “Pending”.  Click on the pending request, then click the “Withdraw” link then the “Confirm” button.

Yes, but only if the unpaid billing or assessment has not been transferred to the ADOR’s Collection Services Division (CSD).  If the unpaid liability has been transferred to CSD, please contact the CSD at (334) 242-1220 to inquire about available payment methods.

The first time you Sign Up to use My Alabama Taxes (MAT), you will need your tax account number, Sign On ID, Access Code. You must have a valid tax account number with the Alabama Department of Revenue to use the MAT payment system; or, if your tax payment does not require a tax account number, you must have filed a tax return with the ADOR within the past three years.

Sales, Use and Rental taxes for all cities and counties can be paid online with the department. All state administered and certain self-administered city and county lodging taxes can be paid online as well. As part of ONE SPOT or the Electronic Filing Services provided for lodgings tax, the electronic data and payments for the non-state administered cities and counties will be transmitted to the local government or its tax administrator.