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All forms will download as a PDF. Please refer to the list of mailing addresses for the appropriate forms. For income tax form orders, please use this contact form.

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Affidavit of Seller’s GainALL
Affidavit of Seller’s ResidenceALL
Agreement to Entry of Final AssessmentALL
Annual Reconciliation of Alabama Income Tax WithheldALL
Application to Become a Bulk FilerALL
Authorization for Access to Third Party Records by Alabama Department of Revenue EmployeesALL
Certificado para todo Empleado de Exención de Retencion de Ingresos para Pago de ImpuestosALL
Change of Address FormALL
Employee's Withholding Exemption Certificate (English)ALL
Employer's Monthly Return of Income Tax WithheldALL
Employer's Quarterly Return of Income Tax WithheldALL
Injured Spouse AllocationALL
Instructions/Specifications for Reproduction of Alabama Withholding Tax Coupons (Forms A–1, A-6 and A–3 )ALL
Nonresident Military Spouse Withholding Exemption CertificateALL
Petition for Review of Preliminary AssessmentALL
Procedures & Specifications for Electronic Filing of Wage and Tax InformationALL
Request for Copy of Tax Form or Tax Account InformationALL
Request for Copy of Withholding Tax FormsAll
Request for Waiver of PenaltyALL
Seller’s Certificate of ExemptionALL
Small Business Health Insurance Deduction Information FormALL
Small Business Health Insurance Deduction Information FormALL
Statement of Person Claiming Refund Due a Deceased TaxpayerAll
Tax Information AuthorizationALL
Withholding on Sales or Transfers of Real Property and Associated Tangible Personal Property by NonresidentsALL