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E-Filing, Payments & Assistance

  • E-Filing, Payments & Assistance

E-Filing and Payments

You can file and/or pay select taxes on My Alabama Taxes. Several tax types are required to be filed electronically and payments for these taxes are made at the time the return is filed. The following is a list of state tax returns and state administered local tax returns that are required to be filed electronically.

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State Tax Returns

  • Sales Tax
  • Consumers Use Tax
  • Sellers Use Tax
  • Simplified Sellers Use Tax
  • Rental Tax
  • Lodgings Tax
  • Sales Tax Direct Pay Permit
  • Motor Fuel Tax Direct Pay Permit (sales tax on off-road fuel)
  • Contractor’s Gross Receipts Tax
  • Mobile Communication Services Tax
  • Nursing Facility Tax Pharmaceutical Provider
  • Tax Utility Excise Tax
  • Utility Privilege License Tax
  • Utility Privilege License Tax Direct Pay

State Administered Local Tax Returns

  • Sales Tax
  • Consumers Use Tax
  • Sellers Use Tax
  • Rental Tax
  • Lodgings Tax


Find the notice to taxpayers from 2003, “Alabama Business Taxes to File “Paperless” Returns in November” detailing the mandate for electronic filing.

Access more information on filing, paying, bulk file, debit block codes, return templates, and instructions on the ONE SPOT (optional network election for single point online transactions) page.

Learn more about payments of $750+ and the EFT Threshold

Note to ACH Credit Filers:
ACH Credit Payments must be made separately to the city/county or their tax administrators to avoid possible late pay penalties. Certain localities do not accept ACH Credit Method payments and will error when selected in the City/County drop-down above. If you wish to switch from ACH Credit Method to ACH Debit Method to fully utilize ONE SPOT’s convenience of filing all localities through My Alabama Taxes, please call our EFT Unit at 1-877-256-2447.


In order to use My Alabama Taxes for E-filing and payment, you must first have a valid Tax Account Number with the Alabama Department of Revenue. You can register for certain tax accounts with ALDOR without logging into My Alabama Taxes.

If you have never registered with My Alabama Taxes, on the logon window, click the “obtain a new tax account #” hyperlink in the “I want to…” section. You will be asked what type of account you would like to register for and whether or not you are already a registered taxpayer in Alabama.

If you are a registered Alabama taxpayer, you will enter your taxpayer ID, E-file sign-on ID, and E-file access code then select the tax account(s) that you would like to register for by checking the box next to the tax account name.

If you are not a registered Alabama taxpayer, you will need to fill out the business entity, address, business contact and ownership information and select the tax account(s) that would would like to register for by checking the box next to the account name.

Find step-by-step instructions on how to register and access tax accounts through My Alabama Taxes Help and the E-file instructions.

Do you need your sign-on ID and access code? You must either register for an account if you have never done so or contact ALDOR to request your sign-on ID and access code to be mailed to the address that is currently on file for your access.

Need help verifying customer account status or determining the exempt status of a sale?
Businesses engaged in making wholesale and other exempt sales of tangible personal property may use the Tax Account Status Check tool to check to verify the account status of an Alabama issued resale or exemption number, for purposes of making a better educated decision as to the validity of the information presented to them by a customer. To verify the status of an Alabama issues resale or exemption number, log into My Alabama Taxes, click on the account ID for you tax account, click on the “verify account number” option under “I want to…” and complete the required information to obtain the validity and status of an account.