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Local Solid Minerals Taxes

  • Local Solid Minerals Taxes


Coosa County: Section 45-19-244.01, Code of Alabama 1975.

Jackson County: Section 45-36-246, Code of Alabama 1975.

Marshall County, Section 45-48-246, Code of Alabama 1975.

Coosa County levies a tax on sand, clay, silt, loam, dirt, gravel, rock, sand-gravel, and sand-clay and per Act 2019-231, effective May 23, 2019, a $5 per ton tax on graphite.

Jackson and Marshall Counties levy a tax on coal severed within their counties.

Coosa County: $.25 per ton.

Coosa County: $5 per ton.

Jackson and Marshall Counties: $.20 per ton.

Counties where severance occurs for the maintenance, restoration, and replacement of county bridges and roads and for other general county purposes.