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Motor Vehicle Registration Fees

  • Motor Vehicle Registration Fees


Sections 40-12-240 through 40-12-302 and 32-6-51 through 32-6-680, Code of Alabama 1975.

Motor vehicle operation and use upon the public highways of Alabama.

Passenger cars and pickup trucks $23 to $105

Motorcycles $15

Buses (based on seating) $47.50 to $210

Taxicabs (based on weight) $21 to $40

Hearses and ambulances (based on city population) $15 to $55

Trucks and truck-tractors (based on gross wt.) $23 to $890

Motor homes (based on gross wt.) $23 to $890

Commercial trailers $20

Travel and utility trailers $12

Rental utility trailers $15

Permanent trailers $60

Battery electric vehicles $203 ( Effective July 1,2023) 

Plug-in hybrid electric vehicles $103 ( Effective July 1,2023) 

Low speed electric vehicles $50

$10 of the fee for passenger automobiles and pickup trucks and $8 of the fee for motorcycles are distributed to the state’s general fund for use by the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency for enforcing traffic and motor vehicle laws.

The remaining balance is distributed as follows:

Base Amount:

  • 72% Public Road and Bridge Fund
  • 21% City or County of Residence
  • 7% Cities and Counties

Additional Amount: (For trucks)

  • 64.75% Public Road and Bridge Fund
  • 35.25% Counties

The first $150 collected from the annual license tax and registration fee from each battery electric vehicle and the first $75 collected from the annual license tax and registration fee on each plug-in hybrid electric vehicle shall be distributed as follows:

  • 66.67% State
  • 25% Counties
  • 8.33% Municipalities

The remainder is deposited into the Rebuild Alabama Fund.