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Alabama Uniform Natural Minerals Tax

  • Alabama Uniform Natural Minerals Tax


Sections 40-13-50 through 40-13-61, Code of Alabama 1975.

Severing natural minerals in any county of the state for sale and use as tangible personal property. The primary purpose of this levy is to compensate counties for use of roads and infrastructure.

$.10 per ton.


Lime and limestone used for agricultural purposes and pollution control/abatement; minerals used for certain manufacturing or processing purposes; and marble, iron ore, quartzite, coal, oil and natural gas; minerals that are sold to a purchaser for use outside the state provided such minerals are not transported on public roads in Alabama; materials severed by an operator or producer and moved from one place to another on the same site, or transported to another site owned by the same operator; severed materials used for fill; and chert. Beginning October 1, 2012, a producer who severs materials and sells it to the first purchaser without the materials being transported on a public road shall be exempt
from tax, provided that the materials will later be processed into a finished aggregate or limestone product for resale. In this instance, the tax shall be levied on the finished aggregate or limestone product made from the exempt material and shall be remitted by the first purchaser. Additional exemptions effective October 1, 2012: Severed material that is wasted by any manufacturing process provided the material is not transported on a public road in this state and is not sold to another entity; and direct purchases by the federal government and state of Alabama, along
with their agencies and political subdivisions, including municipalities, counties, and city and county school boards.

The tax is not operative in Coosa County. (See Local Solid Mineral Taxes.)
Geneva, Lamar, Lee, and Wilcox counties elected to opt out, and may
establish their own levies.

To counties where material is severed.