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2013 Memos

Related Division
Posted: May 16, 2013

Memo 2013-1 Title Loan/Pawn Lenders
Memo 2013-2 New Tag Designs
Memo 2013-3 Quarterly Interest Rate
Memo 2013-4 MLI Questionnaire Postcards
Memo 2013-5 Title Loan/Pawn Lenders (Date Change)
Memo 2013-6 Revoked Certificates Of Title
Memo 2013-7 CAPSLock Memo
Memo 2013-8 IRS Furlough Days
Memo 2013-9 Tuskegee University License Plates
Memo 2013-10 Immediate Change Resulting From Act-2013-398
Memo 2013-11 Quarterly Interest Rate
Memo 2013-12 New Distinctive License Plate Commitment Period
Memo 2013-13 Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and Friends of Coal Distinctive License Plate Categories
Memo 2013-14 Athens State University License Plates
Memo 2013-15 Satisfaction and Release of Liens
Memo 2013-16 University of South Alabama License Plates
Memo 2013-17 Whitetail Warrior Project Distintive License Plate
Memo 2013-18 God Bless America Distinctive License Plates
Memo 2013-19 Annual License Plates for Trucks and Commercial Vehicles
Memo 2013-20 Issuance Dates for New God Bless America and Standard License Plate Designs
Memo 2013-21 Shriners Distinctive License Plate
Memo 2013-22 Whitetail Warrior Project Distintive License Plate
Memo 2013-23 National Guard License Plates
Memo 2013-24 Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax
Memo 2013-25 Huntingdon College and University of Mobile License Plates
Memo 2013-26 Issuance of National Guard License Plates
Memo 2013-27 Sons of the Confederate Veterans License Plate
Memo 2013-28 Quarterly Interest Rate
Memo 2013-29 Volunteer Fire Fighter Tag List
Memo 2013-30 New IRP Assigned Renewal Month
Memo 2013-31 Letter Carriers License Plate
Memo 2013-32 Out of State Retired Volunteer Firefighters
Memo 2013-33 Drivers Privacy Protection Act (DPPA) Disclosures – Internet Renewals
County Memo 2013-34 New pre-commitment and Breast Cancer Research Motorcycle Plate
County Memo 2013-35 University of Alabama-Birmingham License Plate
Memo 2013-36 Breast Cancer Research and Law Enforcement Memorial Distintive License Plates
Memo 2013-37 Quarterly Interest Rate
Memo 2013-38 Inventory Management System

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