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Tobacco Tax

Reporting of Imported Tobacco Products

In accordance with Section 40-25-7, Code of Alabama 1975, as amended, retailers and semijobbers that import tobacco products into Alabama must electronically provide ALDOR with a duplicate invoice of the purchase within 12 hours of receiving the tobacco products. Tobacco products for which duplicate invoices are not timely received are considered contraband and are subject to confiscation and destruction procedures. The duplicate invoice must show from whom tobacco products were received, and kinds and quantities of tobacco. Tobacco Tax Rule 810-7-1-.29 further explains the requirements for Section 40-25-7. If the tobacco products are untaxed, the retailer or semijobber is required to register with ALDOR to file and pay the appropriate tobacco taxes. The duplicate invoices must be provided to Tobacco.Account@revenue.alabama.gov.

Report Potential Cigarette Violations

Consumers, retailers, wholesalers, jobbers, manufacturers or others involved with the manufacture, distribution, or sale of cigarettes may report potential violations, such as violations of the NPM escrow requirements (Ala. Code § 6-12-1 et seq.), complementary legislation (Ala. Code § 6-12A-1 et seq.), cigarette tax evasion, cigarette smuggling, or counterfeit cigarette sales.

Report through the Revenue Help Center. Remember to include a detailed description in the Message box concerning the potential violations and the potential violator’s contact information, including an address or specific location where the violation occurred.