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FAQ Categories: Dealer and Manufacturer Plates

What are permissible uses of dealer transit plates?

• New or used dealers or wholesalers may transport vehicles within their inventory using these plates. • Motor vehicle rebuilders may use dealer transit plates to move vehicles to and from repair points as necessary to complete the restoration or may be moved as permitted by ADOR for inspection. If

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What are the prohibited uses of dealer and dealer transit plates?

Rental or lease vehicles Tow trucks Service trucks or vans Other service vehicles Penalties $200 for first violation $500 for each subsequent violation Willful misstatements/documents filed with erroneous information in order to obtain license plates carry a criminal penalty of a Class A misdemeanor and a civil penalty of $1,000

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Who qualifies for each type of license plate?

Dealer and motorcycle dealer plates may be obtained by licensed motor vehicle dealers. Manufacturer plates may be obtained by manufacturers of private passenger automobiles, motorcycles, trucks, truck tractors, or trailers, if the manufacturing facility is located in Alabama. (Section 40-12-264, Code of Alabama 1975)

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