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FAQ Categories: Federal Refund Offset - TOP

What is an offset?

An offset is when the Alabama Department of Revenue intercepts your income tax refund and applies the refund to a balance owed to the State of Alabama. If the full amount owed is not collected in 180 days, the Alabama Department of Revenue may offset future federal payments to satisfy

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What is the Treasury Offset Program (TOP)?

State and federal law authorizes the Alabama Department of Revenue to enter into agreements with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Department of the Bureau of the Fiscal Service-Debt Management to intercept or offset federal tax refunds and federal payments for Alabama state income tax debts.

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Whom should I contact regarding the offset?

If you have questions about the Treasury Offset Program (TOP) or the notice you received from the U.S. Department of the Bureau of the Fiscal Service-Debt Management, contact the U.S. Treasury Offset Program (TOP) Call Center at 1-800-304-3107. Many state and federal agencies offset debts through TOP. The notice you

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