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FAQ Categories / Tax: IRP-IFTA

You will be able to access your IRP renewal application online the first day of your renewal month. IFTA accounts can be renewed starting in November just prior to the registration year.
IFTA quarterly tax returns can be filed beginning on the first day after the quarter has ended.
Yes. If you log out of eFile before you complete your IFTA return, you can later complete the return by selecting resume from the customer dashboard.
Yes. You will have 30 minutes to complete your transaction (with the opportunity to add additional time).
Reporting Quarter Due Date January, February, March April 30 April, May, June July 31 July, August, September October 31 October, November, December January 31 If you file or pay late, you may be subject to interest and penalty.
The IRP/IFTA eFile service is available all hours of the day except for brief periods when the system is being updated. If you attempt to access the system and are told the system is unavailable, you should try again in 30 minutes.
IRP/IFTA eFile is a free internet-based service offered by the Alabama Department of Revenue that enables an International Registration Plan (IRP) or International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) licensee based in Alabama to quickly and accurately complete IRP/IFTA registrations or file an IFTA quarterly tax return using a computer instead of manually preparing and mailing forms.
Yes. Once you have paid a quarterly return, the return must be amended to make any corrections needed. You will submit the amended return with the same process used to file the original return. You will receive a warning banner informing you that you are filing an amended return.
Your userid for IRP/IFTA eFiling purposes is your 9 digit taxpayer ID number (SSN or FEIN) used to establish your account that is reflected on your IRP/IFTA license.
Yes. If you file after the due date for a filing period, you may be subject to interest and penalty.
You can request a password for IRP/IFTA eFile by contacting the Department here or call (334) 242-9000, choose option #4 and a new password will be assigned to you. If you previously had a password and you obtain a new one, your old password will become invalid. You must have a current IRP/IFTA account in order to be assigned a password. If you have forgotten or lost your password, it can be recovered by using the “forgot password” function on the login screen.
The only paper documents required to be submitted to the Department would be the invoice submitted with payment if you choose to mail in any payment due on your transaction. Any documentation needed to complete your IRP transaction should be uploaded from your customer dashboard submitted along with your document shortage letter.
For all IRP/IFTA questions, please contact the office of Motor Carrier Services here or call (334) 242-9000, choose option 4.
IFTA eFile performs all required computations which makes filing fast and easy and virtually eliminates the possibility of mathematical errors.
Trip/Fuel/combination permits for Alabama may be obtained here.
You can get a copy of your return by clicking Reprint IFTA Tax Return on the customer dashboard. IFTA eFiled reports may also be printed from the ‘Reprint’ menu by selecting Services, then IFTA.
Go to the Alabama Department of Revenue website at: revenue.alabama.gov. Click on the Motor Vehicle icon at the top of the page. Select Read More under IRP/IFTA License, Trip & Fuel Permits. Select Alabama Motor Carrier (AMC) System. Enter your User ID (9 digit taxpayer ID number [FEIN or SSN]) - with NO dashes. Enter your password. Select an action from the Customer Dashboard.
If you have a balance due, you will have the option to pay with E-check or credit card online. A 4% convenience fee is charged for all credit card payments and a $1.25 convenience fee is charged for E-check payments . If the amount due is under $750.00, you may print the invoice and submit the invoice with payment by mail to the address on the invoice. IRP and IFTA transactions must be paid by certified funds. All payments should be made payable to the Alabama Department of Revenue.
A refund may be claimed on the IFTA quarterly fuel use tax return for any overpayment of tax in a reporting period by providing a written request or submitting the required petition for refund form [MVR 40-12-23 (items 5 through 12)] for the refund. A refund will be issued once the Department determines that all tax liabilities, including any outstanding audit assessments, have been satisfied to all member jurisdictions. A refund may be denied if the licensee is delinquent in filing any quarterly fuel use tax return.
You may correct any mistake prior to paying the return. If you have already paid your return, you must file an amended return. You will submit the amended return with the same process used to file the original return. You will receive a warning banner informing you that you are filing an amended return.
Our secured sites/applications are restricted to the authorized users and the information is protected through Secured Socket Layer (SSL) protection.
There is no charge to the taxpayer for filing an IRP/IFTA license transaction or filing IFTA returns via the internet and no purchase of software is required.
Our website supports Google Chrome: 87, IOS Version: 11.0, and Internet Explorer 11.0. Google Chrome is recommended. These are the minimum browser versions necessary to support features and functions of the Department’s electronic services. If you need to upgrade your browser, please go to the appropriate browser’s website.