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FAQ Categories / Tax: Refunds

Mail your incorrect, torn or damaged refund check back with a note requesting a replacement check to Alabama Department of Revenue, Individual & Corporate Tax, P. O. Box 327410, Montgomery, Al 36132-7410.

All refunds are not automatically approved. Some returns must be reviewed by an examiner. This review generally requires additional information to be submitted. If you have not received your refund within 8-10 weeks of filing, then your refund may have been stopped for review. You will receive a letter requesting additional information or verification of your return or identification. Please check your return to make sure your name, address and social security number on your return are correct.

Allow at least six weeks after filing your return, then check the status of your refund using one of the following sources: Go to our website at www.myalabamataxes.alabama.gov, or call our daytime refund status line at 334-309-2612. Once your refund has been issued, the message will include a specific issue date.

If your refund has been offset by another state agency, you will need to contact that agency directly for information, even if the refund was taken in error or the debt has been paid. The other agency does not send state refunds back to ALDOR, but your refund or any overpayment of debt will come from the agency.

Agency contact numbers:

Food Stamps - DHR – 334-242-1900
Child Support- DHR-334-242-9300
Medicaid – AMA – 1-800-362-1504
Unemployment – Labor Dept. – 334-956-4000
Court Systems – 335-954-5005
County - 334-323-1520
Municipality - 334-386-8153