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Will the Alabama Department of Revenue notify the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Bureau of the Fiscal Service-Debt Management of any changes to my balance for payments I make to the Alabama Department of Revenue?
My spouse and I filed a joint tax return and our refund was offset for a debt that only my spouse owes. How can I get my portion of the refund back?
What is the legal authority to take my federal tax refund and apply it to my state debt?
What is the Treasury Offset Program (TOP)?
Whom should I contact regarding the offset of my stimulus payment(s) or Social Security Benefits?
How can I avoid having my federal income tax refund intercepted for payment of my state tax debt?
How soon will the federal refund that was offset show on my account?
How will I know if my federal tax refund or payment was intercepted to pay a state debt?
I have a payment plan in effect with the Alabama Department of Revenue. Will my federal refund still be offset?
I paid the Alabama Department of Revenue in full, but my federal refund was still offset. What should I do?
What is an offset?
Whom should I contact regarding the offset?
Will the Alabama Department of Revenue charge me any fees if my federal refund is offset to my state income tax debt?