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Is withholding required from 1099 Distributions?
I would like to begin filing and paying my withholding taxes electronically, where do I begin?
My check for withholding tax has not cleared my bank, what should I do?
My employer is not withholding tax or will not provide me with a W2 form. What should I do?
What are the filing requirements when filing on behalf of an employer or withholding agent.
What are the W-2 form filing requirements?
1099-NEC Filing
Do I need a withholding tax account number?
How are OTR (over the road) drivers taxed?
How do I change my banking information for electronic filing?
I am a sole proprietor and have opened another business, do I need another withholding tax account number?
I have hired a sitter or someone to help in my home, am I required to withhold Alabama income tax from their wages?
I overpaid my withholding tax, how should I handle this?
My business entity type (corporation, LLC, proprietorship, partnership, etc.) changed, but my federal employee identification number remained the same. Do I need a new state withholding tax account number?
My federal identification number has changed, do I need a new state withholding tax account number?
We have a Section 125 Cafeteria Plan available to our employees, does the State of Alabama recognize this exclusion from gross income?
We have employees who will be receiving severance pay. Is this income taxable to the recipient?
Why are there 2 penalties on this notice from the Department of Revenue?
Are any employees exempt from withholding tax?
How can I check on my individual income tax refund?
How do I amend Form W-2?
I have an active withholding tax account, but currently don’t have any employees. Do I need to file monthly or quarterly returns?