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Who Needs To Register?
How do I register for a tax account?
Is there a fee to register for a tax account?
What tax types may be registered online via My Alabama Taxes?
How long does it take to receive a tax account number?
Will I receive the account number by email?
Can the application be saved?
Do I need to reapply if I need to correct information on the application?
Do I need to reapply if I only need to update tax account information (legal name, address, contact information, etc.)?
Do I need to register with the secretary of state (SOS) before applying for an account?
What should I select in answering whether I am a registered Alabama taxpayer?
How do I add another tax account to my entity tax account?
What Is the taxpayer ID type?
What is a federal identification number (fein) and how do I receive one?
Is an FEIN needed to apply for an Alabama tax account?
What is a charter number?
What is the form 8832? how do I know if I need one?
What is the difference between the incorporation date and the qualification date?
How do I define my nature of my entity?
Why are owners and partners required to provide their social security numbers when registering for a tax account number?
What is the effective/commence date?
What is a NAICS code? how do I find the NAICS code?
What is the difference between sales and sellers use tax?
What is the difference between wholesale and retail sales?
What is the difference between rental and lodgings tax?
Is the request number and account number the same?
How do I apply for an exemption certificate?
How do I register for an agent/bulk filer account?
How do I close a tax account?
Where do I find more information on utilizing MAT?