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Aircraft Property Tax Return2022
Business Personal Property Return2022
Board of Equalization Market Value Hearing2020
Board of Equalization Motor Vehicle Market Value Hearing2020
Homeowners and Storm Victims Protection Act of 2011 - Application for Reclassification Single-Family Dwelling and Underlying Lot2020
Certificate of Land Sold and Bought By The State2019
Budget Revision Request2018
Certificate of Purchase for Land Sold By Tax Lien Auction or Sale2018
Certificate of Redemption2018
Application for Current Use Appraisal for Class III Property2017
Board of Equalization Minutes2017
Certificate of Pending Redemption2017
Physician's Affidavit of Permanent & Total Disability2017
Real Estate Sales Validation Form2017
Affidavit of Loss of Original Tax Sale Certificate/Tax Deed2016
Commercial Airline Return of Property Annual Report2016
Tangible Personal Property Return - Short Form2015
Budget Personnel2014
Petition for Refund of Taxes on Motor Vehicles Paid by Mistake or Error2014
Petition For Refund of Taxes Paid by Mistake or Error2014
Direct Petition For Refund2013
Joint Petition For Refund Form ADV-U6-22013
Budget Personnel Courses2010
Certificate of Redemption, for County Use Only2009
Monthly Manufactured Home Summary Report2009