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ALDOR Legal Division

  • ALDOR Legal Division

Attorneys in the Legal Division represent the Department in litigation pending in the Alabama Tax Tribunal, state courts, and bankruptcy and other federal courts.


If you have a question about a bankruptcy case, please go to the Bankruptcy Section for the Legal Division:

Tax Tribunal

If you received a Notice of Final Assessment of Tax or a notice that the Department has denied a requested refund, you can access information about how to appeal the Department’s action by visiting the website of the Alabama Tax Tribunal at:

In addition, you can contact the Alabama Tax Tribunal as follows:

Alabama Tax Tribunal
7515 Halcyon Summit Drive, Suite 103
Montgomery, Alabama 36117

Legal Appeal

If you have questions about a pending legal appeal, please contact the Department’s Legal Division at 334-242-9690. Please note that the Legal Division staff cannot give you legal advice about a pending appeal. Also, if you are represented by an attorney or other professional, please have your representative contact the Legal Division with questions about your appeal.

For more information about appeals from tax assessments entered by the Department, please go to Legal Appeals:

If you have questions about other litigation matters, please contact the Legal Division as follows:

Alabama Department of Revenue
Legal Division
P.O. Box 320001
Montgomery, AL 36132-0001