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Memo 2017-010 Legislation Effective August 1, 2017

Related Division
Posted: July 7, 2017

TO: Licensing Officials
SUBJECT: Legislation Effective August 1, 2017
Legislative Act 2017-242 was signed into law by Governor Ivey on May 9, 2017. This memorandum addresses the provisions of the Act that are effective August 1, 2017.
Section 32-6-63, Code of Alabama 1975, amended to combine the year and month validation decals. This will accommodate the new print on demand registration receipt solution the Department is working to begin implementing by the end of this year.
Sections 32-6-65; 40-12-253; & 40-12-260, Code of Alabama 1975, amended to allow licensing officials to provide registration receipts to registrants in a tangible or electronic format. The law also provides registrants may now present registration receipts to law enforcement in either a tangible or electronic format (i.e. cell phone or other electronic device) in the same manner that evidence of insurance may be presented under Section 32-7A-6(i), Code of Alabama 1975. The Act further specifies that use of the electronic device to display evidence of a
registration receipt does not constitute consent for law enforcement or other governmental employees to access any other content on the electronic device. The Act also provides that any law enforcement officer or other governmental employee presented with an electronic device is protected under the sovereign immunity provisions of Section 36-1-12, Code of Alabama 1975, for damages to the electronic device resulting from acts taken when viewing the device.
Section 32-6-211, Code of Alabama 1975, amended to allow dealers who are designated agents of the Department to issue temporary tags to owners of motor vehicles being permanently licensed in Alabama.
Section 32-7A-17, Code of Alabama 1975, amended to require licensing License officials to obtain each registrant’s non-expired state issued driver’s license or identification card at the time of the initial motor vehicle registration or transfer. Language was added to specify that verification of such documentation is NOT required for renewal of motor vehicle registration.
Section 40-12-260, Code of Alabama 1975, amended to clarify that a surviving spouse must apply for certificate of title in his/her name within 20 days of obtaining ownership to a vehicle from a deceased spouse. This section was also amended to clarify that the license plate and registration will be revoked when a registrant disposes of a vehicle and does not acquire another vehicle and transfer the registration.
If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact the Motor Vehicle Division at tags@revenue.alabama.gov or 334-242-9000.
Click here to download a pdf version of this memo.

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