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Memo 2017-014 Updates for MLI

Related Division
Posted: September 19, 2017

TO: License Plate Issuing Officials/Programmers/System Vendors
SUBJECT: Updates for MLI
Effective September 20, 2017, the Mandatory Liability Insurance (MLI) system will be updated to reflect a new registration status code: “(DP) Deferred Payment”. If the registrant admits to not having liability insurance on the vehicle on the insurance verification date by providing a “NO” response, the registrant will now have the option to pay the required MLI reinstatement fees or defer the payment for up to thirty (30) days; after thirty (30) days the registration will be suspended. The defer payment option is only available to Alabama Department of Revenue employees and licensing officials; the option is not available to registrants when responding online to MLI questionnaires. Payments can only be deferred when the MLI record is in “(OP) Open Status.” If the registrant chooses to defer payment, the registration status code will be updated to “DP.” Please note that choosing to defer payment does not allow the registrant to waive the required four (4) month registration suspension period. The MLI manual (available within the MLI system) will soon be updated to reflect these new changes.
Also, the MLI system will be updated with a new system interface. This new interface will not change how the system functions, but the system will have a different look.
If you have questions regarding this memorandum, please contact the MLI Unit at 334-242-9000.
Click here to download a pdf version of this memo.

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