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MEMO 2020-004 MLI System Updates

Posted: July 27, 2020

TO: License Plate Issuing Officials
SUBJECT: MLI System Updates

The following updates were recently made to the Mandatory Liability Insurance (MLI) system. The MLI manual (available on the MVTRIP dashboard under the Mandatory Liability Insurance bar) will also be updated to reflect the new system changes.

  • An option was added to address cases where the registrant was unable to surrender their plate due to the licensing official’s office being closed. This option has also been added to the MLI Affidavit form (32-7A-11) as a “Good Cause” exception.
  • Allow records where the MLI verification notice was sent prior to 12/18/19 to be void-revoked without the system requiring a tag surrender.
  • Comments are immediately displayed after clerk clicks submit response button.
  • Fixed issue regarding display of status on older MLI records. Record status will now properly reflect S1/S2 or R1/R2 as status.
  • Registration records will be updated whenever a status change is made within the MLI system.
  • Document upload feature is optional. Licensing offices are encouraged to utilize this feature, or they can continue to maintain paper for auditors.
  • Verbiage changes have been made on several screens for clarity purposes (i.e. The Clerk Record search screen is now called The Record Search screen).
  • Internal errors with the “Undo Button” have been fixed so that now when the button is clicked, the reinstatement record is removed from the reinstatement reports.
  • Verification date added to search screen to assist with the identification of records.

If you have questions regarding this memorandum, please contact the Registration Section at 334-242-9000.

Click here to download a PDF version of this memo.