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NOTICE To All County Commissions Receiving Quarterly Uniform Natural Minerals Tax Distributions

Posted: January 17, 2019

The purpose of this notice is to provide important information to counties receiving Uniform Natural Mineral Tax Distributions that will expedite the receipt of these funds each quarter.

Section 40-13-58, Code of Alabama 1975,states in part that all revenues collected from the tax levied less an amount to cover the expenses of administration and collection and one-half of all interest and penalties collected shall be remitted quarterly to the governing body of the county from which the severed material was severed within 60 days following the end of a calendar quarter along with a report prepared by the department detailing how the amount remitted was determined.  Beginning with the Uniform Natural Mineral Tax distribution for the quarter ending March 31, 2019, it is recommended that each county choose the option to receive their quarterly payment electronically via the State of Alabama Accounting and Resource System (STAARS). 

STAARS helps to expedite the transfer of funds, reduces mailing and processing costs and improves loss prevention.  Therefore, it is requested that each county visit the website at https://procurement.staars.alabama.gov/webapp/PRDVSS1X1/AltSelfService and choose the EFT payment option on your STAARS account.  If you have questions concerning your STAARS account, you should contact the STAARS Helpdesk at 334-353-9000.  When the EFT option is chosen, STAARS will begin processing EFT disbursements for the severance tax and you will no longer receive a paper check from our office.

Once you update the information on STAARS to receive funds electronically, you will need to provide this office with an email address so that the quarterly reports that usually accompany your warrant may also be sent to you electronically.  The email address may be sent to anita.gregory@revenue.alabama.gov or you may call the telephone number below for assistance.

Business and License Tax Division
Severance and License Section
P. O. Box 327560
Montgomery, AL 36132-7560
334-353-7827, Option 5

Click here to download a .pdf version of this notice.