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ONE SPOT Filing through My Alabama Taxes

  • ONE SPOT Filing through My Alabama Taxes

ONE SPOT provides a streamlined electronic filing and remittance system for sales, use, lease and rental, and lodgings taxes through My Alabama Taxes.

My Alabama Taxes Instructions

Debit Block Codes

If you have debit block on your bank account, please provide the following two originating company ID #s to your bank for payments made through My Alabama Taxes:

  • For ALDOR state tax payments and state-administered local payments: MAT6045055
  • For non-state administered (NSA) local payments through My Alabama Taxes: 2621862182

Payments rejected due to debit block issues may result in failure to timely pay penalties and interest.

Returns filed electronically for non-state administered jurisdictions are required to be paid electronically. Failure to resolve ongoing debit block issues may result in the jurisdiction not acknowledging receipt of the associated electronically filed tax return, producing delinquency notices and failure to timely file penalties.

Return Templates

For taxpayers who wish to upload their return data into My Alabama Taxes, the templates below must be used. You must first save the template to your computer to be able to save your changes.

State Lodgings TaxThis template is to be used to report the state 4% or 5% lodgings tax.
Local Sales, Use, Rental and Lodgings TaxFor return periods September 2016 forward: this template is to be used to report the local sales, use, rental and lodgings tax for all state and non-state administered* localities. *If using the ACH credit payment method, non-state administered localities that do not accept ACH credit payments cannot be filed through My Alabama Taxes.


For local government entities needing ONE SPOT information, go to the County and Local Governments ONE SPOT page.

Tax Preparers

Third party/bulk filing is a method for third-party tax preparers to submit multiple clients’ returns in a single file upload or individually access a client’s account to file for them. To receive third party/bulk filing status, you must submit the application to become a bulk filer. Once approved, you will receive an agent account that you can use to sign on to My Alabama Taxes. With an agent account, and your client’s approval, you will be able to file returns and submit payments on your client’s behalf using a single logon.


If you experience any difficulties signing up for or using My Alabama Taxes, please contact: