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Automotive Dismantler and Parts Recycler License

  • Automotive Dismantler and Parts Recycler License


Sections 40-12-410 through 40-12-425, Code of Alabama 1975.

Engaging in the business of purchasing and dismantling wrecked, abandoned, or repairable motor vehicles; selling motor vehicles as a unit at wholesale; selling usable parts; or selling the hulk of the motor vehicle after salvageable parts have been removed.

A person is presumed to be engaged in the dismantling and/or parts recycling business if he possesses ten or more inoperable vehicles for more than 30 days. Each person holding an automotive dismantler and parts recycler license, or their agents or employees, must have a buyer’s identification card in order to purchase vehicles from salvage pools or salvage disposal sales.

License $225 annually.

Buyer’s Identification Card $10 annually. Limited to three per licensee per year.

General Fund.