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Auto Dismantler/Parts Recycler/BID

  • Auto Dismantler/Parts Recycler/BID

Become an Automotive Dismantler & Parts Recycler

1. Apply

  • All persons applying for an automotive dismantler and parts recycler license shall provide to the Alabama Department of Revenue the applicant’s unique registration number provided by the administrator of the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System known as the NMVTIS ID Number. THE NMVTIS NUMBER IS MANDATORY.
  • Apply for License – Alabama Partner Registration
  • Application Fee – $225 (online via credit card only)
  • Surety Bond (include Power of Attorney) – $50,000
    If the bond is not on file with the Dealer License section, the signed bond and power of attorney must be submitted with the dismantler license transmittal document.  The bond form will be available when the electronic application has been completed.

2. Register Purchases

  • Every automotive dismantler and parts recycler must keep a register of all purchases and sales of motor vehicles for five years from the date of purchase or sale.

3. Apply for a Buyer’s Identification (BID) Card

  • Apply – Alabama Partner Registration
    • Copy of the automotive dismantler and parts recycler license (out-of-state applicants only).
    • A legible copy of the applicant’s current driver’s license.
  • Application Fee – $10 per card
    • Limit 3 per license year

4. Renew

  • License Year – October 1 through September 30
  • Renewal Period – Must be renewed by October 31
  • Late Fee/Penalty – Dismantler licenses renewed after October 31 will be charged a 15% penalty and applicable interest.

Definition: for the purpose of this article, a person, firm, or corporation shall be presumed to be engaging in the business of an automotive dismantler and parts recycler if such person, firm, or corporation shall possess 10 or more inoperable motor vehicles for more than 30 days. This does not include licensed repair businesses holding vehicles awaiting repairs, or licensed junk dealers holding vehicles for the purpose of recycling scrap metal. Further, it does not include any entity which repairs, reconstructs, or reconditions its own vehicles for its own use or which disposes of a vehicle acquired for its own use. (Section 40-12-410, Code of Alabama 1975)

No person, firm, or corporation, unless licensed by the Alabama Department of Revenue, shall engage in the business of an automotive dismantler and parts recycler. Licenses are issued by the Motor Vehicle Division, Dealer License Section, P.O. Box 327643, Montgomery, AL 36132-7643.