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Archive of Press Releases 2001

Related Division
Posted: May 5, 2016

Don’t Forget–Update Disability Parking Access Privileges for 2002
Reminder: Business Personal Property Tax Returns Due
October Marks License Renewal Month
October Marks License Renewal for Scrap Tire Handlers: Changes in Delinquent Penalty Amounts–$500 Penalty Refund Deadline, Nov. 27
Reminder: Manufactured Home Registration Fees Due in October
First-Time Filing Reminders for Business Privilege Taxpayers
Tax Relief for Victims of Attacks
Reminder: Take a Moment Now to Review Your 2001 Tax Filing Obligations–Next Estimated Tax Reporting Date Sept. 15
Underwood Named State Savings Bond Campaign Chairperson
Dentist Convicted on Tax Charges
Madison County CPA Convicted on Tax Charges
Cowen Named State Sales, Use, and Business Tax Division Director
Calhoun County Property Tax Notices Mailed
IRS News Release: 2001 Advance Payments
Seller Use Tax Timely-Filing Discount Eliminated
Notice to Alabama Retailers: Maximum Timely-Filing Discount Cap Now Set at $400
Affidavit Replaces Estate Tax Waiver
Henninger Named State Individual and Corporate Tax Division Director
Underwood Assumes Post of Assistant State Revenue Commissioner May 1
Reminder: First Corporate Estimated Tax Payments at New Rate due April 16, 2001
Consumer Use Tax Line Item Reminder
Former City Auditor Sentenced to 18 Years
Attorney Pleads Guilty to State Tax Charges
Former City Auditor Convicted of Criminal Tax Evasion and Embezzlement Charges
Income Tax Filing Reminder: Reporting the Federal Income Tax Deduction
Consumer Use Tax Line Item Reminder
Huntsville Optometrist Convicted for Tax Evasion
Property Tax Extensions Granted to North Alabama Counties Struck by Snow and Ice Storms

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