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FAQ Categories: Title Applications

How do I apply for title if the owner is deceased?

If transfer involves a deceased owner and owner’s estate has been or will be probated, then the individual signing on behalf of deceased owner’s estate must provide copy of letters testamentary or letters of administration issued by the probate court. If transfer involves a deceased owner and owner’s estate has

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How do I correct an Alabama title or a title assignment?

To correct an error on the face of an Alabama title, the owner or lienholder of record, must make application for a new certificate of title through a designated agent. Designated agents must submit the Application for Corrected title, the current certificate of title, and a statement on letterhead that

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If the owner’s name on the application is listed as John Allen Smith and the assignment is listed as John A Smith and no documentation has been provided for the name variances, will the title application be rejected by the department?

Yes. The owner name(s) on the title application must be identical to the owner name(s) in the assignment of the MSO, title or any other supporting document. This includes suffixes (Jr., III, etc.). If there is a variance in the owner’s name between the application and the assignment an affidavit

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