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I overpaid my withholding tax, how should I handle this?
When should I file my Alabama Individual Income Tax Return?
How do I find general tax forms?
How do I order forms?
Where’s my refund because I have not received it yet?
Are all distinctive license plates available to the general public?
How do I obtain a personalized license plate?
How long does it take to get a rebuilt inspection?
The general contractor did not extend their contactor’s certificate of exemption, will I be able to extend my certificate? How will I be affected?
We are a subcontractor working under a general contractor, is a license required from the State of Alabama Licensing Board for General Contractor’s?
I am a general/prime contractor working on an approved government entity project, can my subcontractors use my contractor’s certificate of exemption?
What is Financial Institution Excise Tax?
Is there a composite return for partnerships with non-resident members?