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If I am not a resident of Alabama, but earned income from Alabama sources, am I required to file an Alabama tax return?
What taxes are allowed as credits?
What is personal property?
Who is required to report personal property?
When should personal property be reported?
I did not receive a tangible personal property return form by mail. Where can I get one?
Can I file my personal property return electronically?
Am I required to fill out and return the personal property return form every year even though my equipment is the same as last year?
How can I be certain that I have complied with the law?
I already paid taxes on my business equipment when I purchased the items. Why am I being taxed again?
Most of my business equipment has been fully depreciated on my income tax return; do I still list these items on the personal property return?
How does the assessing official's office value my personal property?
What if I think that my personal property is exempt from tax?
What if I fail to timely file a personal property return?
Can my business be audited?
If my business is now closed, do I need to file?
I did not receive a business personal property return form by mail. Where can I get one?
What if I fail to comply with the law?
Calculating Personal Property Tax
Defining Personal Property Tax
Filing Personal Property Taxes
What is tangible personal property?