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I am in the military and a legal resident of Alabama, but I do not live in Alabama. Do I have to pay Alabama income tax?
I am in the military and not a legal resident of Alabama. If my spouse and/or I also have civilian jobs in Alabama, should we report that income to Alabama?
What expenses are deductible as Adoption Expenses?
What filing status should I claim on my return?
What income is exempt from Alabama income taxation?
What income must I report on my Alabama return?
What interest income is exempt from Alabama taxation?
What is Alabama’s Individual Income Tax Rate?
What is the Alabama First Time and Second Chance Home Buyer Savings Account?
What personal exemptions am I entitled to?
Who qualifies as my dependent?
Can I deduct childcare expenses on my Alabama Individual Income Tax Return?
Does Alabama allow an adjustment for Firefighter’s Insurance premiums?
Does Alabama allow an adjustment to a Health Savings Account (HSA) like the IRS?
How much is the Alabama standard deduction?
If I file using the Married Filing Jointly filing status on my federal return, do I have to file a joint Alabama return?
If I itemize on my federal tax return, do I have to itemize on my state return?
Is the “Head of Family” filing status in Alabama the same as the “Head of Household” filing status for federal purposes?
Should I itemize my deductions, or should I use the standard deduction?
What are the limitations on my IRA deduction?