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Why can’t I do my renewal now?
Can I eFile an amended IFTA return?
Can I eFile an IFTA return after the due date for the filing period?
Do I need to submit any paper documents?
How can I get a copy of my IFTA return that I filed over the internet?
Is there a charge to use IRP/IFTA eFile?
What should I do if I don’t have an IRP/IFTA eFile password, have forgotten or lost it?
Where can I get assistance?
Where can I get a trip/fuel/combination permit?
Why can’t I file my IFTA quarterly tax return?
How accurate is IFTA eFile?
How do I eFile?
If I eFile, how do I make a payment?
If I have a credit but don’t want to apply it to future transactions, how do I request a refund?
If I make a mistake on my IFTA quarterly tax return, can I correct it?
Is it safe to eFile over the internet?
Is there any way to save a partially completed IFTA return on eFile if I need to log out before I have completed the report?
Is there a time limit while using the IRP/IFTA eFile system?
What are the IFTA quarterly tax return E- filing due dates?
What hours of the day is eFiling available for IRP/IFTA transactions?
What is IRP/IFTA eFile?
What is my userid for IRP/IFTA eFiling purposes?
Are there any special web browser requirements to use the IRP/IFTA eFile service?