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What is the duration of a tax lien?
Is a surety bond required when I receive a Final Assessment?
What is a lien?
How did the Department of Revenue calculate the interest on the Notice of Preliminary Assessment and Notice of Final Assessment?
The Department of Revenue recently sent a Notice of Final Assessment to my client who is in bankruptcy. Why? Is this not a violation of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code?
I received a Final Assessment that I feel is incorrect. What should I do to resolve this matter?
I received a Notice of Final Assessment from the Department of Revenue. What does this mean?
I received an assessment from the department for taxes owed by my predecessor. Is this right? Do I owe these taxes since they accrued previous to my takeover of the business?
I received a Preliminary Assessment, however, I am unable to pay the amount shown due. Can I set up installment payments?
Is Alabama sales tax owed to the Department of Revenue dischargeable in bankruptcy?
When is a tax lien effective against other creditors?
When will the Department of Revenue terminate a tax lien?
My client has received a Notice from the Department of Revenue that a lien has been entered in the county probate office real property records. What does this mean?
What is the duration of a sales and use tax lien?