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Who do I contact for assistance with the Local Government Portal?
How does the Internet Tax Freedom Act affect my business?
Does the Department have brochures or pamphlets to provide more information on specific tax topics?
What is the latest FEDERAL CREDIT CARD PROGRAM GSA SmartPay® 3 Information?
What is the Bulk Upload Method?
What is the bulk filing Return Form Method?
What is bulk filing?
Are freight charges taxable?
How do I close my sales tax account?
If I change the name of my business, will my tax number change?
If I have several locations in Alabama, do I need separate sales tax numbers for each location?
Are churches exempt from sales and use taxes?
Are non-profit organizations exempt from sales and use taxes?
Do I need to file a sales and/or sellers use tax return for a month in which I had no sales?
What other licenses am I required to have?
Am I required to register for a sales tax number if I only make wholesale sales?
Am I required to obtain a surety bond when registering for a new sales tax license?
How do I apply or register for a sales tax number?
Debit Block - How do I make a payment for ACH Debit method e-payments?
What qualifies as a major addition for abatement purposes?
Once an abatement of sales and use taxes has been granted, what is the next step?
Who do I contact to obtain an abatement?
How do I request a waiver of a penalty on a tax return filed after the due date?
Are sales of goods made via the internet taxable?
How do I change the location or mailing address of my business?
What guidance is there for vendors drop-shipping into Alabama and remote sellers?
What type of sales are made where no sales tax is due?
Over Collections Law
If Alabama residents purchase items through mail order sales or other direct marketing alternatives, are these sales taxable?