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Benefits of Working for ALDOR

  • Benefits of Working for ALDOR

There are more benefits to choosing a career at Revenue than you might expect.  

Low-Cost Health Insurance

Employee health and wellness is a top priority at ALDOR. We make a significant investment to offer you an affordable option. Premium rates for individuals start at $140 per month, but most employees pay significantly less through discounts for non-tobacco users and wellness screenings.

The State Employees Insurance Board also offers affordable dental and vision insurance. Our employees also enjoy the Flexible Employee Benefits Plan which allows pretax dollars to be used for qualifying medical expenses and dependent care. Expecting mothers benefit greatly from participating in the Baby Yourself Maternity Program. And everyone loves Teladoc. The list goes on.

Paid Time Off

All ALDOR employees enjoy 12 paid holidays per year and one paid personal day. In addition, employees accrue 13 days of annual leave in their first year of service, and employees can accrue up to 29 days of annual leave based on years of service. All employees accrue 13 sick days per year, and 168 hours of military leave is allowed per year.

Student Loan Forgiveness

As a full time, merit system employee with ALDOR, you may be eligible for federal student loan forgiveness through Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

Retirement Plans

ALDOR employees participate in a Defined Benefit Retirement Plan administered by the Retirement Systems of Alabama . Optional Differed Compensation Programs are also available through Empower.

RSA plans also include a Preretirement Death Benefit. If a member has worked at least one year and dies prior to retirement, then their beneficiary receives the member contributions, total interest earned, and an amount equal to the member’s salary for the prior plan year.

Financial Benefits

When employees have accumulated at least five years total eligible service time and are in active pay status as of December 1 of the current calendar year, they may receive a lump sum longevity payment. All state employees and law enforcement officers, merit or non merit, are entitled to receive this bonus. Temporary time, leave without pay or other breaks in service do not qualify as service time. Federal and state taxes are withheld from the longevity pay as well as FICA and Medicare.

The State Employee Injury Compensation Trust Fund provides medical benefits to state workers for injuries incurred on the job, lost wages caused by job injury, payment for permanent partial and permanent total disability, and payments to eligible dependents for burial expenses in the event of a fatal work-related injury.