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Employees come to ALDOR because of the opportunities we offer, but they stay because of the culture we provide. ALDOR is a community. We work hard and take a great deal of pride in the responsibility of accounting for Alabama’s revenue, and we value the friendships we build along the way. We regularly host employee engagement activities to further foster our sense of community.


“ALDOR’s number one asset is the employees. ALDOR is a place where our employees receive a steady income along with great benefits of yearly raises, insurance, and retirement. This combined with the relationships made with all the great people that make up ALDOR is priceless.”

– Chad Bowen, Collection Services

“I have been at ALDOR for 22 years, and I would not want to work in any other department. The people here are fantastic, and we all want to do our jobs to the best of our ability and help the taxpayers of the State of Alabama. I have learned so much in my time at ALDOR, and I am very thankful for every opportunity that has come my way.”

– Christy Wickham, Entity Registration and Processing Services

“Seeking and accepting a position at ALDOR provides so much more than a job!”

– Mary Martin Mitchell, Tax Policy and Governmental Affairs

“Everyone is social, works hard, and is fun to be around.”

– Jamieson Thompson, Collection Services

“This is a wonderful job that has great hours and great benefits. A field examiner has the ability to schedule their audit around their personal lives—when my children were small, that was such a wonderful thing. I knew what needed to be worked on and could adjust my schedule accordingly.”

– Lisa McKnight, Sales and Use Tax

“ALDOR is a rewarding career filled with various opportunities. There are service centers all over Alabama so you’re not just limited to one area.”

– William Jamar, Jefferson/Shelby Taxpayer Service Center