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  • Opportunities

The only direction to go at ALDOR is forward. There are endless ways to advance at ALDOR, and we will work with you from day one to chart your course. We want you to thrive and excel. We will provide you with the training you need to get you where you want to go. ALDOR employees are well equipped and eager to learn.

We offer extensive training for employee development and enrichment. Training opportunities include new employee orientation, employee development and enrichment, and introductory classes in numerous software programs. Other offerings are coordinated through State Personnel including performance appraisal, employment law, and other necessary courses. ALDOR employees are also given the opportunity to participate in the Certified Public Manager training through Auburn University at Montgomery. Employees are also eligible for reduced tuition for the Accounting Technician Certificate program.


“There is no greater place to find your niche and thrive.”

– Meagan Barrett, Tax Policy and Governmental Affairs

“Come join the team. You will be surprised at the opportunities that are available. There is always room to grow.”

– Kimberly Payne, Financial Operations

“There is always a demand for an IT professional to stay relevant as new technologies emerge. Since I’ve always enjoyed learning new technologies, what I like most about my job is having the opportunity to keep my knowledge and skills up to date.”

– Reginald McDole, Information Technology

“You can find the perfect fit for you and your interests without having to hop from company to company. It’s like a professional buffet—you’ll get to hone your knowledge and skills in different departments, something not many agencies offer.”

– Preeti Gratz, Economic Development

The retirement is wonderful, the benefits are great, and it’s a great place to work toward your future goals and retirement.”

– Laura Walden, Income Tax Audit and Administration

“The thing I enjoy most about my job and my time with ALDOR is the interaction with taxpayers and coworkers. The ability to have interesting dialogue and discussions about taxes and tax laws really stimulate you to learn and teach others.”

– Sylvester Cannon, Income Tax Audit and Appeals

“I have worn many hats and done many things from reviewing returns, distributing funds to Alabama’s 67 counties, reviewing and implementing legislation and administrative rules, to writing programs that automated various tasks and improved efficiency.”

– Kathleen Abrams, Income Tax Administration