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A-1/A-6 Bulk File Layout

  • A-1/A-6 Bulk File Layout

Notice: The bulk filing file layout for A1/A6 returns will change effective for files uploaded after January 27, 2024, to add the additional fields required for the overtime exemption reporting requirements.

A1/A6 File Layout – for files upload after January 27, 2024

NEW AL_A1A6REPORT_CHECK_24.xls in EXCEL Updated: 01/17/2024 (Use for files to be uploaded after January 27, 2024)

Important! If uploading December 2023 returns after January 27, 2024, the bulk file must use the new file layout.  Zeros should be entered for the “Number of Employees with Exempt Overtime Wages” and “Total Amount of Exempt Overtime Wages Paid” and a “1” entered in the “No Exempt Overtime Wages Paid to Report” :

Field Position NumberField NameMax SizeFormatStatus
24Number of Employees with Exempt Overtime Wages8Numeral Field – No DecimalRequired
25Total Amount of Exempt Overtime Wages Paid13Must Include DecimalRequired
26No Exempt Overtime Wages Paid to Report1If field position 24 is 0, enter a 1 here. If field position 24 has an amount, enter a 0Required